Hi. I am Darryl.

A communication strategist with a love for problem solving and design.

My blog covers my life as a strategist

Amazing people. Great brands.

Since moving to Sweden in 2007, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients, in some really fantastic agencies and with some great brands.

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Communication Strategist at Zooma

Since 2012 I’ve been employed at Zooma, a full service agency that creates and delivers online marketing and communications strategies, concepts, productions and solutions. We educate, enlighten and guide brands to achieve their online ambitions, either on retainer and/or project basis.

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Partner & Brand Manager at Beerbliotek

Beerbliotek is a Small Batch Brewery in the cultural heart of Gothenburg, which we started in 2013. Our aim is to produce beers that we feel are of quality, beers that we can stand behind with pride.

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