Graphic Design Annual 2014

All things considered, I may have a little bit of a magazine fetish. Especially magazines that cover design, fashion, architecture and science. I’m a fan of great layout, creative use of type and good quality paper.

With the current concerns about the environment I’ve moved more to digital magazines, now that there are excellent services such as ISSUU and Zinio. This means I can read a lot of different titles on my iPad mini. Digital magazines also save space and weight in your bags when you travel.

Not being a digital native, I still have a soft spot for paper. The way it feels and the way it sounds with every turn of the page.

The inaugural Graphic Design Annual 2014, is a stunning, 130-page celebration of the world’s best graphic design – and an essential source of inspiration for 2014. The print format does the designs justice, with the vibrant colours and the feel of paper under your fingertips.

Below are some campaigns that I found inspirational, for their great design and clever ideas.