Beerbliotek Events Posters

The aim of the posters are to present all the details of an event held by Beerbliotek, in a recognisable fashion, similar to how music festival poster design showcases the most important artists in larger fonts than the not so well known artists.

GBG BEERbliotek Week 2017

During the Gothenburg Beer Week 2017, or as we call it GBG Beer Week, Beerbliotek Brewery hosted over 11 events.

The official Beerbliotek GBG Beer Week events poster for 2017.
All the events for Beerbliotek, during the GBG Beer Week 2017.

Megaloppis Party

Once a year there’s a big street flea market in Majorna, a suburb in Gothenburg. It is called Megaloppis i Majorna. It’s when the parks and pavements in the district of Majorna will be filled again by flea-shopping people and locals who want to sell things.

Beerbliotek Megaloppis Party 2017 poster, containing all the names of the companies that we take part in the day.
Event details for the Beerbliotek Megaloppis Party.

Brand Platform.

The background is derived from Beerbliotek’s own brand platform colour, which utilizes the entire colour spectrum for different styles of beer. This will allow us to create a lot of variations of posters for following events, with each using a different part of the colour pallet.

Beerbliotek's colour spectrum for the brand version two.
The main design for the brand is based on colours representing the different beer styles.