Beerbliotek Designer & Artist Darryl de Necker adding the finishing touches to the Beerbliotek Brewery Tap Room mural.

Beerbliotek Tap Room

At the end of 2016, Beerbliotek opened their Brewery Tap Room, where they offer tastings of their beer to the public. The goal of the mural was to reflect the playfulness of the brewery, and have artwork on one of the walls that will be seen most often in photographs posted by the visitors to the Tap Room.

The words Tap Room needed to be prominent in the mural, followed by the words Beerbliotek. I used acrylic paint to get the base colour right, then used graffiti art pens to add the detail. The objects in the mural reflect the ingredients used in brewing, barley and hops, as well as bottles and cans.