A designer bag hanging around the shoulder of a female model, designed by Darryl de Necker for Darryl Design and made of Shweshwe.

Shweshwe Bags

In 2012 I produced a series of canvas bags, in various patterns, made from Shweshwe, a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional South African clothing. Originally dyed indigo, the fabric is manufactured in a variety of colours and printing designs characterised by intricate geometric patterns. Due to its timeless popularity, Shweshwe has been described as the denim or tartan, of South Africa.

Living in Sweden, where design is a very serious business, it felt as if the market would appreciate a product that is more than just the sum of its parts.  The patterns are timeless, again lasting more than a few seasons. Then the fabric changes, or wears in different ways, as denim does, depending on the owner, so over time each person has a unique bag.

The bags was produced under my Darryl Design label and sold at, one of my favourite stores, Krypton.